Explore Toadliquor's comeback album 'Back in the Hole' with our in-depth review. Dive into the depths of doom metal as the band returns with their signature sound.

Toadliquor - Back In The Hole Review

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This toad liquor might need to go back in its hole because this album needs some more time to cook. This doom/sludge album incorporates some eerie and odd musical choices that, at a few times, add to the overall experience but, for the most part, are just too jarring. The songs would have this erroneous, heavy sound to them and would just switch gears so fast that they distracted from the listening experience. I think this bad was trying to expand and make something new within this very limited genre, and I think they sadly failed more than succeeded. Besides the opening, middle, and closing tracks, a lot of this album is a mess. The tracks that are good balance out all the weird elements nicely, or just a simple crush in terms of just being dark and groovy. However, a bigger problem is that when they were doing simple doom/sluge music, it was quite boring, and I actually fell asleep many times while listening to this album. That's never a good sign if your album puts people to sleep. Fortunately, the few tracks that are really good help pull this album's overall listening experience into good territory.

RATING: 6/10



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Back In The Hole

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