Dive into the raw energy of Colorado's youth crew hardcore band Time x Heist with their debut EP "The Odds Against Tomorrow." Experience relentless riffs and powerful lyrics that define their unique sound in today's hardcore scene.

Time X Heist - The Odds Against Tomorrow EP Review

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Time x heist is here to hold you hostage for 10 mins with their raw, fast and aggressive hardcore. Channeling early bands from the 80s like youth of today. I feel they have captured the essence of that time, the good and the bad. The lyrics are simple and solid hardcore anthems. They talk about straightedge , being positive, and overcoming adversities, the standard hardcore mantras. The production at times does sound a little too loud. The instruments might have been turned up too loud to get that 80s hardcore raw sound. However, when they tune it down a bit and can be evenly heard, they sound solid. The song structures are simple and fast, no real variety till the end track "remember when" I think they played it safe for most of the album in terms of the style and structure, but when they start making unconventional playing styles, that's when they start to sound more interesting. Vocals match super well with this brand of hardcore. Looking forward to their next release. 

RATING: 6/10


You're Wrong

Still Here

Remember When

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