Discover The Ghost Inside's powerful new metalcore album 'Searching for Solace' with our in-depth review.

The Ghost Inside - Searching For Solace Review

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The ghosts are definitely searching for something with this newest album. Whether it’s a new sound or trying to find their original self, there is a mix of a lot of feelings on this album, for sure. Overall, it’s the ghost inside we all know with their positive lyrics, fast upbeat drumming, and crushing vocals. But it feels like something on here has been done by them before. Or better to say, they go more in a direction that is just plain modern metalcore, especially in the riff departments. A lot of the songs feel like they have already been done before by another band, so the songs feel a bit bland in the creative department. The songs all sound really good. The production is great here, but it feels like run-of-the-mill metalcore, especially with how the clean vocals felt really heavy-handed. There are moments on this album that really capture the essence of old ghots inside with the raw sound and energy they have. It’s a well-made album that doesn't really meet the standards of older TGI albums. 

RATING: 7.5/10



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