Explore Taylor Swift's 'The Tortured Poets Department' with our insightful review. Delve into Swift's lyrical depth and musical evolution in this captivating album.

Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department Review

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The big poet herself, Miss Taylor Swift, is back to show her tortured soul, and lets say it can be torture to the listneer sometimes. The album has a great start with a nice ballad featuring a souful post-malone feature to some weird and rough-to-listen-to middle section with songs, and then lands at the back end of the album with some decent songs. She goes for some more introspective writing here, and it feels genuine and deep with her lyrics. However, at times some of the word choices and style of singing she does here feel a bit too tryhard to feel edgy. A prime example of that is "Florida." What she's talking about in that song doesn't really make sense. However, in songs like "Fornight" and "I Can Do It With a Broken Heart," her vocals and lyrics come out in full swing and sound great. On the production side of things, a lot of the songs have a similar sound to them and never really stand out too much. They all have a soft, pulled-back sound to let Taylor's voice be the dominant force in the song. The quality of the music is good; it’s just that a lot of the sound feels a bit flat at times. Also, some of the songs seem to drag a bit too long and can feel a bit bloated. 

RATING: 7/10



My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys

I Can Do It With a Broken Heart

The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived

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