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SZA - S.O.S Review

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Overall, it’s a good album. This is my first SZA album that I have fully listened to, and maybe she was trying to bring a lot to the table compared to her last album, so maybe I am missing something. The album is very long, but it does feel too big at times. Just at a few points, but overall, it goes by fast. There is lots of variety with r&b, country, rap,  pop punk, and dance tracks. There's a song for everyone on this album. For the most part, her vocals and vocal styles vary a lot, so she doesn't sound the same too much. Her vocals do seem a bit more reflective than the beats. There are lots of different beats and styles. Phoebe Bridgers feat was very welcome and nice. Dontoliver's feat was a bit mid but not bad. Ol d b was lovely, but the feature seems mishandled. The standout feat, for sure, is Travis Scott. Im curious to see if Travis did a slow jam album now with this vocal style he used on this feature. I feel like this album deserves an overall rating of 8 out of 10.

RATING: 8/10







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