Explore a hyper-intense review of 'The Poetic Edda,' a collaborative EP by Synestia and Disembodied Tyrant. Dive into its destructive symphonic blackened deathcore fusion, pushing boundaries in extreme metal.

Synestia / Disembodied Tyrant - The Poetic Edda Review

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Be prepared to have the stankiest face imaginable as you listen to this epic death/black/symphonic metal episode. If you slaughter to prevail, Lord Shore and the Lord of the Rings soundtrack fucked and had a baby, this is what that baby would be. It's insane how inhuman this band sounds because the way they are playing is so intense and fast that it's hard for your brain to comprehend. At times it's so fast, I can't believe a human is playing it. Especially on the drums, they are insanely fast. Those epic moments are so grand they feel almost too powerful and overproduced that it can detract from the enjoyment. However, they are able to add some good groove with their heavyness and infuse it with cool orchestral parts to help give the songs time to breathe and give them a real feel. And at times they add some, like anime, like songs in the background to help make the songs feel very colorful. Then you have the vocals that are pilled from the depths of hell, and I can believe that is his vocals all the way. The intense goal was to make some of the heaviest and fastest music to date, and I think they were able to prove that with this mini-epic album.

RATING: 9/10



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