Explore the Olympia indie rock band Sleater-Kinney's latest album 'Little Rope' with our in-depth review. Uncover their distinctive sound and lyrical narrative in this critical analysis.

Sleater Kinney - Little Rope Review

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This dynamic duo of a group has created an interesting sound here. Ranging from ambient indie sounds to hard pop rock anthems and passionate weird music, this is a fun and refreshing album to hear.In a way, they remind me of my favorite band, placebo. The drumming on this album is so simple but so tastefully done that it just helps every song pop and feel so alive. The vocals here have a nice deep, rich, and passionate sound to them. However, at times they do get buried in the mix, and that's a shame since they have such wonderful voices that should be easier to hear. The guitars are probably the most interesting thing here and, at times, the most problematic. They have a very unique sound to them and a catchy rhythm to them. But then, at times, they can get so overzealous with the distortion that they come out sounding out of tune or messy. It’s more distracting than it should be. Similar to the bass because they seem to overpower it at times and just kind of brick the bass and come out sounding very muffled. The issues I had here were a mix of bad production choices and rough instrument playing. But even through that, it’s still an enjoyable listen. 

RATING: 8/10



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