Dive into Diazable's latest album 'Coup de Grace' with our comprehensive review. Experience the potent blend of screamo hardcore, influenced by bands like SeeYouSpaceCowboy.

seeyouspacecowboy - coup de grace Review

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A coup de grâce is a final blow or shot given to kill a wounded person or animal. If this was SeeYousapce Cowboys final album before they disappeared, it definitely would be a grand way to make an exit. This album is a journey through so many different music genres and themes that you come out of this experience a changed person. You get the overall feel of a mystery noir novel with the brilliantly placed interludes with their smooth jazz and soft narrations that help guide us through this delightful album. Then the songs in between these interludes mix a style of post-hardcore, mid-2000s emo/sscreamo and you hear some dark and crushing metalcore and hardcore parts. They transition from these styles with such ease that it’s a joy just to experience these moments of pure light guitars, drums, and clean vocals that then come crashing down into some hard-hitting breakdowns, thick heavy basslines, and spastic raging screams, and it all cohesively comes together nicely. The vocals from the guest and main vocalist, Connie, are a dance of pure amazement with how they transition from different styles so easily. Cleans, vocal
Fries, flowing, bouncy singing, etc.—just fantastic work here. With lyrics that paint an interesting picture of love and intimacy that is unmatched in modern hardcore, The production really helps keep the album cohesive with its sound and just makes everyone sound so good. Be prepared to be blown away and changed forever after listening to this musical wonder. adieu.

RATING: 9.5/10


Subtle Whispers to Take Your Breath Away

Lubricant Like Kerosene

Respite for a Tragic Tale

Silhouettes in Motion

To the Dance Floor for Shelter

Sister with a Gun

Chewing the Scenery

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