Explore the debut metalcore/pop album 'Hot Singles in Your Area' by Bimbocore expert scen queen. Dive into our review as we dissect the electrifying fusion of genres and catchy melodies that define this bold new release.

Scene Queen - Hot Singles In Your Area Review

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The scene queen has arrived with some hot single action, and to be honest, it isn't that bad. The Ohio-based musician is here to have some silly fun and also call out some hard truths in the pop-punk/metal world. From calling out dudes who are into underage girls to sex positivity and giving girls a chance to sound raucy like the dudes, her lyrical content gives a strong sense of empowerment. Even when she is being silly, the lyrics still have a good meaning to them; other times they can be a bit too silly. Her vocal performance ranges from simple sing-talking to raging screams that are not half bad. However, at times she might be biting off the poppy style and singing a bit too much because she sounds exactly like her. The music itself is a mix of heavy metalcore-style riffs, trap-like percussions, cruckcore electronics, and country acoustic tracks. Surprisingly, there is a lot of variety on this album. Now it has variety doesnt mean its the best. Some of the songs do have a very sterile and generic sound to them, but her lyrics and funny vocal performances can usually make the song better. She might not be the one scene queen we agree on, but she's a queen for calling out a lot of bullshit in the scene.

RATING: 7/10



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