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Scatterbrain - Here Comes Trouble Review

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Trouble is definitely on the way with this interesting album from scatterbrain. A clashing of genres from the 90s from metal, funk to ska with some really bad vocals. That is the easiest way to describe this album. If you don’t take this album serious than it’s a fun little enjoyment of cheezy lyrics and funny vocals. However, if you want to look at seriously it’s a mix of bad production and really weird genre choices. They at one point mesh up like over 10 different songs from previous legacy bands i to one song. Is it impressive, yeah but is it coherent not really. just like the band name this band will leave you feeling very scatterbrained with their off the wall music choices and terrible production.

RATING: 4/10


That't That

Down With The Ship (Slight Return)

Outta Time

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