Discover the energetic sound of South Carolina's 90s-inspired hardcore band Riot Stares on Daze Records. Dive into their raw and powerful music that captures the essence of acceleration in every note.

Riot Stares -Sounds Of Acceleration Review

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With an album named Sounds of Acceleration, I feel the boys in riot starters are off to a slow start. A new modern take on hardcore with heavy 90s alternative influences is what is being presented on this debut album. The first thing that caught my attention was the drowned-out vocals. I think they go well with this style of music, but I used a bit too much. There are some vocal pattern changes with his high-pitched yells. Production and mixing on this album are overall fine but could have been turned up a bit higher. The two things that really drag this album down are the length of the tracks and the repetition of the sound. A lot of the tracks would benefit from being trimmed down a bit. Some tracks almost sound identical to one another. I hate to give this rating, but I think it is fair for what I think was presented on this album.

RATING: 4/10


Relif Technique 

Trip Chain


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