"Explore Quadeca's innovative new album 'Scrapyard' in our detailed review. Delve into the cutting-edge blend of rap and pop with our insights and analysis.

Quadeca - Scrapyard Review

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Scarpyard is the perfect word to summarize this album, for sure. It’s definitely hard to define what this album is because it’s a big medley of genres like rap, lofi, ambient, and emo-style music. The way the music was created here is very jarring, because I never felt like I had heard music like this before. The backing music has a mix of lo-fi ambient music for one minute to some hard bass-pounding beats. The really unusual songs stick out well here with their well-crafted beats, interesting vocal performances, and simple but effective lyrics. The vocals are either really distorted and weird and sound cool or clear, crisp, and easy to understand. The start of the album is very strong, with these very avant-garde musical choices. The middle part of the album feels very basic in terms of creativity, or it just had some bad vocal performances that threw me off. The last two songs, as basic as they are, are really well crafted and help stick the landing at the end. The production on this album is very weird, but that is what makes it very appealing to listen to. This is an album that will help redefine what melding music genres can be like, if done correctly. 

RATING: 8/10




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