Discover Puya's groundbreaking Latin metal debut album 'Fundamental' in this genre-bending review. Explore their fusion of Latin rhythms and metal influences.

Puya - Fundamental Review

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I feel like this is a fundamental album for any young Latin metal band growing up in the 90s. The mix of nu-metal elements with salsa is something I didn't know existed, and I'm all for it. It’s a very interesting concept here. You have some heavy-tuned guitars, smashing percussions, and hatebreed-like vocals one minute, and then you get those hot and vibrant Puerto Rican light vocals and jamming percussions of salsa the next. They do their best at fusing these genres, and I would say most of the time they can incorporate these elements nicely. There are some moments when they switch genres, and it kills the great momentum they built up before. You think the mixing of these genres would kill the sound of the music, but the production here is good. A lot of the instruments are really balanced and layered out nicely. What could have been balanced a bit more was the run time. Some of the songs tend to drag a bit, but at this time in music history, songs were long because it might be long before a band could release new music, so I can’t hold that against them too. Outside of a few mid-tracks, this album has a good flow to it. Overall, the tracks here are heavy, spicy, and unique for the most part. 

RATING: 7.5/10




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