Explore the latest from rock band Psychosexual with our review of 'Torch The Faith'. Dive into their bold sound and thematic depth as they push boundaries in the rock genre.

Psychosexual / Psychosynner - Torch The Faith Review

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Torch it, forget about it, and never tell anyone you listened to this bad album. Psychosynner's (formerly Psychosexual) first album of 12 albums in a 2-year span starts things off horribly wrong in so many ways. Ridiculous, cheezy lyrics, weird vocal performances, and poorly made songs. The biggest offense here are the bad lyrics, which range from overly sexual to downright bad. If they were trying to write the cheesiest lyrics ever, these guys would take the crown. Lines like "I’ll be fuckin you like fire,"  "I bite when the sun goes down," or "I want to infect you with all my lust" just make you shutter. Then you have the vocalist's attempts at being super sexy, and he just comes off as really silly and corny. Whether he is trying to talk slow and sexy or go with a deeper register in his voice, he just sounds too cartoonish. He sounds like he wants to be ville valo from him so badly that, instead of being inspired by him, he just straight up steals his style and does it badly. Then we have the music itself. For the majority of the album, it just sounds like poorly made generic hard rock music. Unenthusiastic drums, subpar bass, and bland riffs plague this album. However, at times the instruments have a few moments of sounding cool and slick, but they get wrecked by the lame lyrics or the vocals and just sink into that part of the song. The production feels very clunky and is not finished a lot of the time. If you want to torch your faith in humanity, check this album out. 

RATING: 3/10


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