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Normani - Dopamine Review

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If you are looking for that big hit of dopamine, this might not be the best place to get it, but you will get some rush of joy from this debut from normani. After making name for herself with Fifth Harmony and the massive hit “Dancing with a Stranger” with Sam Smith, she is ready to show off her ow skills in this debut. This album has a nice, unique arrangement of songs ranging from R&B, pop, house, and rap music. She isn’t scared to dip her feet into different styles and try to make something memorable, whether good or bad. Some of these tracks have a nice somber and realxed feel that feels cool and refreshing, like "Lights on” and “Insomnia.”. Then you get some uninspiring songs that play too hard into the nostalgia bait with “1:59” and "still." She has a very great vocal performance that, at times, gives you a great sense of dopamine with how great she sounds. However, the overuse of repetitive words and ad lips tends to take away from these vocal performances. The majority of the album is solid and experimental in the best way, while some tracks tend to hold the album back a bit with how lackluster they can be.

RATING: 7/10


Lights On

Take My Time


Wild Card (Feat Cardi B)


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