Discover Tokyo's newest hardcore sensation Nine Percent with their debut EP 'Strong'. Dive into our review to explore the raw energy and fierce sound of this promising band.

Nine Percent - Strong EP Review

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The boys in nine percent are coming out strong as hell on this debut EP. Coming from all parts of the world but colliding in Tokyo has helped this band really mold and create a heavy sound that sounds like it’s from America, England, and Japan all at once. As I was listening to this episode, I felt like there was a large influence of different hardcore, metal, and slam bands mixed in because the members all come from different musical backgrounds. Sure, they are making simple, heavy, and ignorant songs, but they all have some special twang to make the songs sound fun and interesting. Heavy ass riffs with a touch of groovyness help the songs feel dark and heavy. Drums that are chill but hit hard when the time calls. The bass is slow and thick, which adds a lot of weight to the songs. Then you got the fast and intense vocals that made you want to scream along, vibing out with the fast rapping flow. The production here is okay—nothing too flashy, just the right amount of raw and clean production. They might not be trying to reinvent things, but they are making things fun with the hard music they are making here.

RATING: 8.5/10



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