Discover Boston's Move BHC in our review, showcasing their mission to spread black radical love through their music. Embrace their powerful message that black people can mosh too, reshaping the narrative of the hardcore scene.

Move BHC - Black Radical Love Review

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Mmmmm, the love is strong here. The love here is beautiful. The love here is important. These are the feelings and thoughts I felt while listening to this impressive hardcore album from the band Move BC. The message of black empowerment, love, and strength is gracefully intwined into this heavy album. Yes, they have some boomin bass playing and tight drumming that also showcases a strong message. The instruments serve to elevate the message, and the message gets to shine because of the music. The one thing that helps make all this shine is the bass playing. The bass is so prominent, thick, and groovy that it just makes all the tracks great. Combine that with the tight and fantastic drums, which are breathtaking. These two play off each other so well that it’s unreal. Then you have clear and powerful vocals with even more powerful lyrics. The band is on fire for most of the album. There are a few times where I feel they drop the ball and things get a bit clunky, but they make up for it with some other banging tracks. The production here is perfectly mixed and layered, so everything just smoothly melts into one another so easily. Move bhc is love! Move bhc is black! Move BHC is here to stay!

RATING: 8.5/10


Ode To The Pit

For All Not One

1,000,000 Experiments

Black Radical Love

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