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Mindwar - Still At War Review

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I'm still at war with myself for not checking out this latest release from Belgium's hardcore band Mindwar. With their gritty riffs, thick bass, pummeling drums, pissed vocals, and great lyrics, you are going to have a good time going to war with these tunes in your ears. They sound like old judiciary, especially in how the vocals are clear and pissed. And the amount of tasteful guitar solos they have in here. If you are a fan of metallic hardcore, then these guys will be right up your alley because they have shredky riffs that sound pretty good. They make good hardcore music, for sure, but at times they can slump into some generic sounds with a few of their songs. They are not bad in any way, but they feel familiar or have been done before, and they are not as interesting. Also, at times, the drums seem a little low in the mix and hard to hear, especially the cymbals. Overall, it was not a bad hardcore release and an improvement from their last effort. 

RATING: 7.5/10


My Revenge

Empty Values


Still At War

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