Explore Chicago hardcore band Kharma's latest release 'A World of Our Own' on Flatspot Records. Dive into our review for insights into their powerful sound and impactful lyrics, showcasing their evolution in the hardcore scene.

Kharma - A World Of Our Own Review

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Khrama has really carved out a world of their own with this hard, high-energy, and raw-sounding hardcore music. The thing that really helps them stand out is how distinctively high-pitched their vocals are against the monstrous riffs and banging percussions. The main vocals are unique and good, the backing vocals are used well, and they bring in some guest vocals to help keep things fresh. The subject matter of their lyrics is good to note about black culture in America and being oppressed and fighting back. The riffs are solid, groovy, and heavy throughout this album. They are mean and ugly in the best way. The bassist is putting in a lot of work to make everything sound nice and thick. The drums have some great fills and sound like he has eight arms and is just going off. However, at times, the drums get a bit drowned out by the riffs. The production on here is good, and besides drowning out the drums at times, it has a nice kick to it. The only issue I have is that in the first half of the album, it seemed more creative to use clips of old music and more diverse writing. In the back end, the songs sound good but just feel a bit like typical hardcore songs. Not bad, just not too innovative. It's still a great world of music they created here.

RATING: 8.5/10



By Any Means


Clip Your Wings

Only The Hard Way

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