Explore thrash legend Kerry King's comeback with 'From Hell I Rise' in our review. Dive into the debut album from the post-Slayer era, featuring relentless riffs and ferocious energy.

Kerry King - From Hell I Rise Review

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From hell, he has risen, and Kerry King doesn't miss a beat with his first ever solo release. After the breakup, one of the biggest thrash bands ever, Kerry King, returns with his own brand of thrash metal for the modern age, and he is doing a damn good job of it. Super tight, thrashy riffs, incredible drumming, thundoir bass, and pissed vocals decorate this album. It may be a Kerry King album, but unfortunately, the show is dominated by his drumming. The drumming is tight, dynamic, and just super impressive with his style of drumming. Everything sounds so fresh and interesting. Hold on; Kerry may have been overshadowed, but that doesn't mean he is not pulling his weight. He has some nicely tuned and intense riffing that will give most guitar players a run for their money. The only glaring issue is that sometimes some of the riffs can feel repetitive. The vocals are quite solid on here and bring some flair with some fun vocal patter. However, at times he is trying to sound too much like the old Slayer vocalist, and it sounds weird. The bass is doing its job and adding weight to the songs, and it sounds great. The songs are very trashy, except for a few tracks that are more hard rock and hardcore-inspired, and they don’t sound half bad. The production is top-notch and makes the genre of thrash sound fresh.

RATING: 8/10


Trophies O The Tyrant


Two Fists




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