Explore Jamey Jasta's bold leap into thrash metal with his latest solo album, '...And Jasta for All.' Dive into our review as we dissect his relentless energy and fearless exploration of the genre's grit and intensity.

Jasta - ...And Jasta For All Review

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Is being too good at what you do a bad thing? Most would say, but it can make it hard to see any growth when you are so good at what you do. Jasta is great at making heavy and hard-hitting music. He has strong energy and puts a lot of effort into his craft. The only thing is that craft has a formality, and he uses it a lot here. The songs, for the most part, sound great and feel great, but they have a very repetitive aura to them. It feels like I'm listening to the same good song over and over on this album, and that's not entirely bad, just predictable. His vocals over the thrash and hardcore-like tracks sound great. He has some cleaning singing here and there, and it's not half bad. The songs have a good energy to them, and they feel very alive and go hard. The riffs will be flashy and tight. Drumming at times was a bit muffled but got a great bang to them. Bass got some razzle dazzle to it at times. There was a song that had a weird low-energy feel to it and a song with some out-of-place guest vocals. Not major hiccups on this album. If you like something with which you are very familiar and something that deviates from the plan too much, then Jasat for all is great for you. If you want something more, you won't be getting your fill of variety here. 

RATING: 7.5/10


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