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Full Of Hell - Coagulated Bliss Review

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Full of Hell is back with another album. It's full of chaos, ambience, and confusion, and it’s all so blissful. The grindcore band out of Maryland and Pennsylvania is here to bring some raw and intense music that will leave you feeling very content. This band has mastered the craft of being short and sweet but long at the right time. The majority of these tracks are no longer than a minute and a half, and that helps with the enjoyment of the tracks. Nothing feels wasted or bloated here. Everything feels carefully executed and done with purpose. Yes, it’s noisy music, but noisy music that is crafted well. That may sound easy, but surely it’s not. Yet these guys make it sound so easy. From the distort guitars, monstrous vocals, blistering drums, hefty bass, and finally the wonderful production. They are able to create a wild nosie here and make it all sound as clear as day; you can hear every detail in each song. They experiment with a variety of sounds and instruments to make an interesting album that is easy to put on repeat and dissect. These guys have mastered their craft, and they keep finding new ways to push their talents forward. Not an easy task for any band, but full of hell is simply not just any other band. 

RATING: 9/10


Doors To Mental Agony

Transmuting Chemical Burns

Fractured Bonds to Mecca

Coagulated Bliss

Bleeding Horizon

Schizoid Rupture

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