Explore Diazable's review of Divine Right, a North Carolina straight edge metallic hardcore band. Gain expert insights into their intense sound, lyrical themes, and impact within the hardcore music community.

Divine Right - Salvation Ends EP Review

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Metallic hardcore salvation begins with this solid EP from divine right. This metallic hardcore band is fusing that 90s style of all-out war and earth crisis and giving it a nice production to give you one solid ass EP. The riffs are large and fresh. The drums are snappy and tasteful. The bass has the power to give all the songs that extra beefiness, and the vocals channel that raw energy heard in old bands but with some added spice to it and good mixing. Everything about this ep done well. The songs are paced out well and interesting enough to keep your attention and get you pumped up. Now, there is nothing to innovate here, but the style of music they are doing here is groovy, solid, and clean with that well-done production.

RATING: 8.5/10


The X Has Yet To Fade

Salvation Ends

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