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Danny - Pretty Ugly Review

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Danny is a young artist coming from my hometown of San Antonio, TX (support your local scene). This young man has been working on his craft for a few years now. His earliest release was in 2018. I went in blind on this album, and at the time of listening, I thought this was his first album or piece of music he had worked on. He seems to have a lot of experience with making music; however, I think he is still learning a lot because this release felt like a debut. He seems to be open to experimenting with his craft, which I respect. The album seems like a bit of a mess, but there are signs of hope and growth in this man's talent. The vocal distortions sometimes sound off-putting, but at other times they sound great, and sometimes his vocals are hard to hear. When he can be heard, he sounds great. The lyrical content is put together well for the most part. I love the saint Mary's reference and the references to San Antonio. They are like subtle Easter eggs and make the songs feel alive. The only parts I found hard to listen to were the rapping parts on Evil Ringo and Thank You, Ma. The instruments seem clunky and off, but they are enduring as well. He has a mix of interesting, fun, and chill tracks. The standout track is cinemanography. His catchy vocals and guitar playing are really good here. I see a lot of potential with a track like this. It’s playful and well produced. I think my boy Danny still has a ways to go in reaching his potential, but he seems really eager to try things out and expand his sound to reach that potential. I'm looking forward to his next project.

RATING: 5/10



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