Explore Diazable's latest album 'Contention' with our in-depth review. Discover the intense metallic metalcore sound of this Tampa-based band and dive into the raw energy of tracks like 'Artillery from Heaven'

Contention - (Artillery from Heaven) Review

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Contention coming out of Tampa is bringing out the big guns to shut shit down with their bold ass drums, ripping riffs, thick bass, and raw ass vocals. These tamapa natives are here to bring you some clean early metalcore style music, but with a tighter and more polished production than the early metalcore bands that came before them. Things really pop off on this record with their drumming because they sound so huge. Especially the kick drums really kick things into gear with how hard they hit. Vocals have a nice raw energy that flows with the energy of the band. However, at times when they do some spoken word singing, they tend to get drowned out a bit. The ripping riffs are quite impressive with how hard they rip and how they can match the beat of the drums so well. However, at times, they can sound a bit awkward and clunky. The bass does add a lot of weight to the song but can be drowsy at times as well. The production here sounds great, but at times the layering of different instruments can cause them to be lost in the mix, I think. Still a very solid outing from this new ripping band.

RATING: 8.5/10



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