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Confined - Righteous Death Review

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Ohio hardcore outfit Confed is here to bring you some heavy hardcore music. That's about it. Their attempt at making some heavy music has a few moments of heaviness and grooviness that are worth while, like at times the riffs got some cool playing and the drums, snare, and cymbals sound pretty good. However, most of the riffs or drums sound a bit out of tune or too distorted. which brings me to the biggest issue of the record, and thats the production. The production feels very DIY, and so some parts sound poorly mixed, like with the vocals. At times, they sound too muffled or distorted, and so the vocals have a weird sound to them. Then the guitars seem to have too much distortion on them at times, and that causes the songs to sound a bit weird. The bass surprisingly sounds good most of the time and gets plenty of moments to show its skills with some nice solos. They aren’t making anything amazing here, but if you are looking for heavy and hardcore music, this album will scratch an itch once in awhile. It is what it is.

RATING: 7/10


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