Discover Chelsea Grin's intense deathcore beats from Salt Lake City. Dive into the first half of their double album 'Suffer in Hell' in this detailed review.

Chelsea Grin - Suffer In Hell Review

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Be prepared to suffer in hell as Chelsea Grin drags you down there themselves with their soul-ripping riffs, skin-scaling percussions, and demonic vocals. These guys are really taking what a concept album is to be by bringing the raging fires of hell to your doorstep with this album. The pure vocal endurance of their lead vocalist, Tom Barber, is nothing but fantastic. He is dialed in and keeps you on your toes with his various vocal techniques that will leave you speechless. The band doesn’t let Mr.Barber take all the shine because the crushing and huge drums and bass shake things up with their huge sounds. Then you have the manic riffs that are just shredding away and using all types of different guitar tricks like cool scaling and dope pinch harmonics. The production is super clean, so the songs all feel great. The first half of their suffer series is holding up tight. Let's see how the other one holds up.

RATING: 9/10


Origin Of Sin

Crystal Castle

The Isinis

Suffer In Hell, Suffer In Heaven


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