Discover Burning Lord's electrifying new album 'Arcane Demolition' in our in-depth review. Dive into the thrilling world of crossover thrash with our insights and analysis.

Burring Lord - Arcane Demolition Review

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Burning Lord is one of the newest crossover thrash bands to come out in recent years, and let's say they are burning, but not for the right reasons. This band has some great work here. Blasting drums, ripping riffs, and massive bass create some good sounds here. However, the vocals on this record seem to hold back the potential this band can achieve. The vocalist sounds flat, off-time, and unprepared for his duties. He just sounds like he has never sang before. His flaws cause a glaring problem that genuinely takes away from the rest of the band. That being said, the rest of the band does a great job, especially the bassist. He plays some thick bass lines and helps add some heavyness that makes the band sound good. The guitars are ripping away and adding a lot to the song. At times they feel a bit generic, but overall they are solid. The drums are a mix of blistering in-the-pocket drumming and some simple but stiff drumming. The production is fair and makes everyone sound layered, except for the vocals at times. Burning Lord is a new presence on the scene, but not enough of a good Lord for me to pledge my allegiance yet. 

RATING: 7/10



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