Discover Sheffield's genre-defining metal/pop band Bring Me The Horizon's new and elaborate album 'Post Human: Next Gen' in this insightful review. Explore their innovative blend of genres and captivating soundscapes.

Bring Me The Horizon - Post Human: Next Gen Review

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Next Gen is a good description for the newest Bring Me the Horizon album because they are trying really hard to push their sound in a new direction, and they kind of do it. Once a deathcore band, this band has gone through so many genre changes yet still retains some parts of their previous work in their next piece. Here, the Sheffield band has moved into hyper-pop territory and crafted some interesting hyper-metal and hyper-emo music. This only works with this band, I think, because they change so much, and when they do change, they fully commit. Embrace the change and be able to create lasting, impressive music. Like the tracks "die4u,"  "lost," and "youtopia,"  they all stand out so much that you can't help but notice and catch yourself singing along to them. They also tap into a lot of nostalgia with the infusion of post-hardcore, deathcore, and 90s grunge music. Kind of like paying respect to older genres. The sound of all the music sounds good from the dense production. None of the main instruments felt left out or drowned out. Everything is well placed and arranged, and it sounds good. Drums have a good pinch to them, riffs sound massy, and bass has a thick sound to it. And the backing systems, for the most part, are all intense but tastefully intense. The vocals sound good from clean to unclean parts. There were a few moments of awkward singing, but they were minor problems. It's a fun album, for sure, that will be ground zero for this style of music.

RATING: 9/10




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