Discover Detroit's hardcore sensation Big Deal in our review of their album 'Beyond Repair.' Dive into blistering riffs and unrelenting energy as they redefine the hardcore scene with their raw intensity.

Big Deal - Beyond Repair Review

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What's the big deal here? If you're looking for some solid hardcore that will make you want to beat the person next to you, look no further. Big Deal is here to bring you some thrashy ass songs with a pinch of hard-hitting hardcore madness to them. Most of this record is a solid effort with fast-ripping guitars, slow and pummeling drums, fat bass, and nasty vocals. The band themselves do a good job of keeping things interesting and heavy. However, the largest issue here is production. Some of the tracks sound weirdly mixed, layered, and mixed, and that takes away from the listening experience. The band itself does a good job making music. The drumming is probably the most impressive thing, with how tight and dynamic it’s being played. The guitars are thrashy as hell and ripping away here. You got some fat bass that just laid it down well. The vocals sound rough at the start (more of a production issue) but get more huge and raw by the end. Is this band beyond repair? Not really, but things could be tightened up.

RATING: 8/10


 Raw Deal

Living Proof

Fade To Black

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