Explore Beyoncé's bold venture into country music with her new album 'Cowboy Carter.' Dive into the hip hop queen's innovative blend of genres in this comprehensive review.

Beyoncé - Cowboy Carter Review

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Yeehaw from the big girl herself, Beyoncé! The latest abum from Queen Bee is an interesting choice that everyone has and will take notice of. This Texas native has gone back to her roots in country music, and it ain't half bad. Coming in at a whopping 27 tracks, you think it would be a massive bloated effort, but she manages to weave and weave a fun little country ride with all these tracks. From straight country bangers to country-style songs with a little Beyonce twang on them to some hard-hitting bangers, this album has a wide variety of music that everyone will get down to. Most of the tracks utilize simple instruments like acoustic guitars and some light percussion to really craft some good old-fashioned country bangers. Then they get a little experimental here and there with some electric drums and bass to shake the country music up a bit, and it works most of the time. She has some ballads in here that are soft and have a grand feel to them. However, at times, some of these slower songs feel a bit lackluster in the production department. In between these mostly fascinating songs, she has some great interludes from some of the country's greats, like Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton, that really help shape and build the story here. There are a few tracks here that seem a bit too hard and feel a bit forced at times, which throws off the flow of the album a bit. Also, some features either felt weird or did not exist, which was a bit disappointing. Beyoncé's vocal performance was really good and strong on this album. This was a big Texas size change up for Beyonce, but in a time when things are a bit stale, this was a refreshing take from a well-established artist. 

RATING: 8/10


My Rose

Texas Hold 'Em



Desert Eagle


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