Explore the resurgent sound of metalcore with our review of 'Six Pacts Etched in Blood,' the gripping new split EP from Balmora and Since My Beloved. Discover intense riffs and powerful melodies that define this collaboration

Balmora / Since my Beloved Six Pacts Etched In Blood EP Review

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The latest split from Balmora and Since My Beloved are prime examples that we are in a full early 2000s metalcore revival. Both bands are bringing tight, sharp riffs, blistering drums, and melodic, raw vocals. Balmora have more of a tighter rhythm section on their side. The guitars are ripping on their sides. The drums have a good pop to them to help them stick out well. The bass is good, just a bit simplistic. The vocals might be the only part that isn't wowing. They are doing the job for this style of music, but they are hard to hear at times. The production is good without any major hicks; just the songs don’t seem too memorable. Since My Beloved kind of  suffers from the same fate a bit, The songs just didn't seem that memorable. Yeah, they had a few moments of ripping and groovy parts. Some solid drumming. The vocals matched more with their style and sounded pretty good. It was hard for me to pick up any bass on their side of the EP. It’s all solid metalcore with some good production, but it all kind of bleeds into one another.

RATING: 7/10



Top 10 staTues tHat CriEd bloOd

liMOusIne ft AURORA

a bulleT w/ my namE On ft Underoath


R.i.p. (duskCOre RemIx)


DIg It

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