Explore Detroit punk band Bad Beat's latest LP '2024' with our detailed review. Featuring members from Edgemen Print Shop, dive into the raw energy and rebellious spirit of this release.

Bad Beat - L.P. 2024 Review

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Bad beat? More like a great beat! This new hardcore punk band is putting out one of the leanest records ever, with a track list of 16 songs but only 13 minutes?!! They are all business here, but yet so fun with their style of fast and pissed-off music. They waste no time on this record to give you some raw ass music that will get your adrenaline pumping immediately! The thing that gets you all jazzed up is the amazing bass tune here. The bass sounds so thick and is played so well that it just captivates you. The tight and pounding drums help complement the bass, giving the songs such a thick feel. Layer that with some ripping ass riffs, and you get dope ass music on this record. Then you have the lead vocals that just scream pure raw energy and never stop. All the members clearly put all their feelings and energy into this LP, and it shows. They get so into their sauce that at just a few times, they get a bit overzealous and things get a bit messy, but they are able to bring it all back and focus and land the ending on these songs. Don’t miss out on any of these dope beats made by Bad Beat!

RATING: 9/10


 Dead & Gone

Not Like You


Bad Beat Dub


What The Fuck? Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

Big Mouth On YOu


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