Discover 'To Live and Withstand,' the debut album from The Viscous Anklebiter, a new straightedge band hailing from the Northeast. Dive into their raw energy and powerful lyrics that redefine the hardcore scene.

Anklebiter -To Live And Withstand Review

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To live and play hard is what you'll get on this short and vicious album from anklebiter. They bring a mic of youth crew hardcore with some nice punk elements to make things interesting. They have some pummeling drums that sound really good but, at times, can feel a bit stiff. What doesn’t sound stiff are the vocals and the lyrics here. The vocalist does a great job of matching her energy with the style of music playing here; it's just a perfect match. She has such a raw and light energy to her vocals that it really pierces your ears in the best way. Then the raw and well-written lyrics help guide her voice nicely through these songs. The guitars seem a bit simple at times, but when they get a chance to flex their skills, they can come up with some interesting riffs and sounds. The bass is nice and funky and does a great job of creating a nice, heavy atmosphere at the right times. The production on this release is mixed well, does the band justice, and gives them a great sound. Overall, there are a few moments on here that can feel a bit lackluster, but they don't happen often, and you get left with some intense, hard-hitting punk music that knows how to spice things up at the right moments.

RATING: 8/10






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