Dive into Tied Down Fest 2024 hosted by Edgmen Print Shop in Detroit with Diazable Apparel, featuring hardcore legends Have Heart and current icons Drain. Explore the event and hear vendor experiences firsthand.

Diazable Apperal Tied Down Fest 2024 Blog

Diazable Apperal Tied Down Fest 2024 Recap

From Korea to San Antonio to Detriot. Check out our journey to see the reunion of one of the most important modern hardcore bands and other major hardcore bands like Youth of Today, Drain, Never Ending Game, and more in this blog.

My booth at tied down fest.

I've been a bit busy with everything, but I'm getting a chance to work on my blog. What better way to work on my blog than to showcase my fun time at Tied Down Fest 2024? I am super grateful that Jimmy, Curtis, and everyone at Edgemen Print Shop and the Crofoot Production gave me a chance to show off my appearance line and get my name out there. The whole time at the tied-down fest was so easy. Everyone working on it was kind and helpful. They let us come in nice early, and a lot of local Detriot natives to the scene were really nice to me as an outsider. The Russell Industrial Complex is an awesome venue. strating to become one my favitres.  large spaces and a great cooling feeling because it's indoors. 

My advertising during the fest. So cool to see my mom and me up on the big screen. 

The festival organizers are good at emailing back about how much to pay (message me if you want to know how much I paid for the festival) for the festival and what I need or don't need from the festival. Detriot itself is pretty easy to get around via car. Getting access to the venue was easy, and loading was easy. Just bring a cart to make loading easier. The traffic leaving the vent was not bad. even when everyone was leaving at the same time. Well organized.   Oh, and the preshows are fun and a good reason to come early to the festival. You get to meet so many cool people.

Meeting Some Detriot Legends!

Friends Supporting Friends are the Best!

Cool New Customers Supporting Little Old Me. Thank You!

Being able to See Have Heart For the First Time Was Amazing! 

I was also very lucky to catch some bands here and there during the festival. My mom was awesome at helping out during the festival. If you do want to be a vendor, bring someone who is not into this kind of music and can handle all your registration. It makes it easier to talk to new people, see the show, and be involved, so you aren't just there to make a buck. Everyone loves it when you get a good stage dive in and head back to your booth. Mad Respect!

My mom was the only person with free time to help me. Plus I got to get to do a road trip with my mom. Always a great time.

That pretty much summarizes my time in Detriot and at Tied Down Fest 2024. Thank you to everyone who made this awesome and amazing for me and my mother. I am forever grateful to you. If you want to know more and see what bands played, check out our full YouTube breakdown of the festival and preshows below. 

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