Discover the raw intensity of Florida hardcore band Zero Chill's latest EP, 'ZCFY '23'. Dive into our in-depth review, exploring the unfiltered energy and relentless passion behind each track. Read on for a critical analysis of their latest release!

Zero Chill - ZCFY '23 EP Review

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There is zero chill on this EP from the Florida hardcore band! They cone in hard and short with tightly wrotten ep that is all hits and no misses. Every track here is a great example of solid hardcore with ragining riffs, big and thick percussions and beats, and raw vocals. The vocals are so impressive; he can really project his vocals and sound like he is doing it so effortlessly. And there is only the guest vocal spot that really comes in and shakes things up to help showcase how hard the writing is here. The riffs are tough as nails but have a flair of thrashyness to them to make the sound of the band stick out a bit more than any run-of-the-mill hardcore band. The bass is hitting hard, while the drums add to that hardness by giving you some tight and strong playing. All this is elevated even more by how good the production is on this ep. Everything sounds incredible. If you have zero chill and nothing but fucks to five, check out this band. 

RATING: 9/10


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