Discover the mind-bending sounds of Yambag's 'Mindfuck' album in our Diazable review. Dive into the ultra-intense blend of noisecore and punk rock that defines their latest release.

Yambag - Mindfuck Ultra Review

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This is one mindfuck of an album, for sure, from the band Yambag. As much as I love punk and erratic music, this was a tough 10 minutes to get through. The songs are very intense and messy. The blast beats never cease and just pummel your ears and lack any type of groove. The bass at times has some groove, but then it just gets as messy as the drums. The guitars are very squeaky and just painful on the ears. In a live setting, this might sound cool, but on record, it's just too wild and abrasive. It kind of gave me a headache while listening because of how loud and disjointed it felt. The one thing I liked here was the vocals. They were layered well and sounded not half bad. Also, the ending track was such a fresh relief from all the other songs. The trippy-psyched vibes really help calm you down.

RATING: 5.5/10


Mindfuck Ultra

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