Read Diazable's review of Xoe Haze, the Austin, Texas shoegaze duo known for their ethereal soundscapes on 'Angel Spit'. Discover their unique blend of dreamy melodies and introspective lyrics.

Xoe Haze - Angel Spit Review

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Get ready to fall into a somber, chill, and surreal haze while listening to xoe haze. This duo out of Austin, Texas, captures something really special in this short little episode of theirs. They are able to make you go on a journey of reflection and clarity with their style of shoegaze music. With hard-thumping bass that captures your soul, space-like riffs that help you transcend into another existence, and vocals that make you feel like you are being purified in the coldest and freshest waters, these songs are pure perfection. The whole EP feels carefully crafted to fluidly flow from one track to another without slowing you down. It all feels like these guys were able to execute their vision with the sound and the production of this episode. The music itself is half the amazing part of this EP because the production sounds phenomenal, coming from these self-taught musicians. The production was handled all in-house, and you would think they had help from a world-renowned producer. This is amazingly good for being a self-produced effort. If this is what angel spit is like, then please let it rain down on me again if I get to enjoy more of this perfection.

RATING: 10/10






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