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Wreckage - Our Time Review

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Overall FAST!!!! Wreckage is a new hardcore band out of Connecticut. Their newest effort, "Our Time," is a short but hard-hitting new wave hardcore record from the early 20s. With a short run time, these guys are out to prove that they can make quick, hard-hitting, hardcore jams. For the most part, I think they do a good job in the short run. Only the intro song and outro song seemed a bit bloated or generic, but all the other tracks sounded great. The vocalist sounds refreshing for this genre. Only a few times do the instruments sound the same or dull, but overall, the members know how to play and experiment with their instruments. I don’t want to knock them for writing a short EP, especially since this is a hardcore band and the length of the tracks doesn’t matter. Also, there was no standout track. Interesting parts of the song had good lyrics, but nothing grabbed my soul. However, it is still a very good hardcore release.

RATING: 7/10


Our Time

Way To Survue


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