Discover a compelling review of 'With Every Passing Moment,' the latest album from Denver’s Time X Heist. Embrace their raw youth crew style hardcore, delivering powerful rhythms and authentic energy.

Time X Heist - With Every Passing Moment Review

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Time x Heist is back with their newest effort, and with every passing moment, they seem to be getting better and better with their brand of youth crew-style hardcore. They have managed to make their sound more mean with some harder-sounding riffs and more lean with some more refined vocals. They pull out some interesting riffs here to breathe some life into the youth crew style of hardcore, and I'm here for it. A good amount of the songs have a nice heaviness from the guitars that gets you excited to hear them again and again. The vocals from the main and backing vocals are sharp and sound clear, which . makes it easier to learn their positive lyrics. The bass adds some good beefy sounds to their songs, and it's a welcome change of pace. The drumming is tight and does a great job of making things intense. There are a few songs that are produced well but have a very generic feel to them, which makes them lackluster. Time x Heist might seem like they will steal your precious time, but they are here to give it back to you in the form of enjoyable music.

RATING: 8/10


Never Go it Alone

The Great Escape

Time Will Tell

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