Explore a timeless review of The Stylistics' debut album, celebrating their legendary status in 70s R&B and soul. Delve into soulful melodies and captivating lyrics that defined an era.

The Stylistics - he Debut Album Review

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The stylistics do live up to their name because they got some style here from their big debut back in 1971. They lay down some simple but effective songs that highlight their tight playing, flying high notes, and cute love songs. This album really lets the soul in R n B fly high with their smooth and slick songs, and you can't help but smile along and cheerfully sing along too. The instrumentals here are very simple and stripped down, with simple percussion patterns and single-ply guitar strumming. Most of the songs use this formula, and besides one song, it never feels boring or repetitive. Simple is best, as they say, and these guys came in chill and simple and made some fantastic songs. The singing on here is quite divine, with how these guys were able to harmonize and hit high notes. All tastefully done. There never was a moment of the vocals falling flat or uninteresting. Then you have the lyrical content ranging from great love songs to everyday struggles (that are very relevant in 2024) that just seem timeless and quite important. However, for one song, “You're a big girl now,” the lyrics are kind of weird and odd but make more sense when you get to the final verse. For being an older album and style, I think the stylistics will never go out of style with their unique and soulful music.

RATING: 8.5/10


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