Explore the raw energy of young hardcore band The Sissy Boys in our review of their latest EP 'We Want to Fight.' Discover their dynamic sound and passionate approach to hardcore punk.

The Sissy Boys - We Want To Fight EP Review

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The Sissy Boys are ready to fight, and this episode will get you ready to beat ass with its hard-hitting production and heavy tracks. The production is such a rough and raw choice that it really helps this episode get that raw live sound. The distorted guitars and bass really help create a harsh atmosphere that is raw. Some songs can sound a bit bland in the playing, but the distorted production makes them feel heavier and more fun to listen to. The guitars and bass are a bit repetitive at times and not as complex as they feel with how they are played, but like I said, distortion really helps them sound much cooler. The drums get drowned out a bit at first, but as the EP goes along, they sound much better. They get more creative as the episode goes along as well. The vocals at times can sound a bit lackluster, but at other times they sound very raw and good. It’s a mixed bag with the vocals, for sure. The band has some simplistic playing and some more dynamic playing, all mixed into this episode. It’s an interesting listen, and they have some potential for getting better. Just a few mistakes here and there can be corrected with more practice, for sure.

RATING: 7.5/10



Looking Down The Barrel

We Want To Fight

You Chose Your Enemy

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