Dive into punk rock band The Exploding Hearts' only album 'Guitar Romantic' with our in-depth review.

The Exploding Hearts - Guitar Romantic Review

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The young exploding hearts had their careers cut tragically short, but they have a lovely album that lets us see what potential they had if they could have carried on. These young rockers found a way to fuse punk and good old-fashioned rock n roll into a fun little package. With their catchy choruses, groovy drumming, and hypnotizing riffs, these guys were on to something. The sound they created here felt like it was ripped right out of the prime age of punk in the 1960s. The vocals have a raw sound to them that is hard to replicate in modern times. The drumming is not the most technically impressive thing, but he was able to keep the beat and make them sound tight. Weird, distorted guitars with a fun, catchy groove here and there really help make the album a fun listen. The bass was layered very well and just added a nice kick to each song. The only downside to this album, which I think most young bands have, is the production. The mixing and sound production on here go from being well balanced to downright hard to hear at all. This is the only thing holding this album back because it makes it hard to listen to because of how rough the production is. If they were given some more time and better production, I believe these guys could have been a modern rock legend. At least we have something to enjoy from this one-of-a kind band rather than nothing at all. 

RATING: 7.5/10



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