Explore Sonique's debut album 'Hear My Cry' in this review. Delve into the British star's blend of R&B and trance from the vibrant 90s and 2000s music scene.

Sonique - Hear My Cry Review

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The debut album from British techno/r&b singer Sonique will not make you cry but might actually make you smile a bit through its positive vibes, even if there are a few missteps on this album. The positive lyrics and her high vocal range make for a very pleasant listening experience. Songs about feeling good, breakup songs, wanting to see the world in a better place—she does her part to try and bring some positive change in the world with her songs. The lyrics might come off a bit too tryhard at times, but they are still very relatable and relevant in this current landscape, and I think that's a net positive. She has a great talent for doing everything from powerful singing to soulful chill singing. This album gives us a chance to showcase all these different styles well. The only things that make things fall flat are some of the instrumental choices. Some songs sound flat or poorly made, which hinders the feel of the song. Some songs sound very timeless, while others suffer from being stuck in the 90s. interesting choices for sure, but just too cheezy is bad to be serious. Coming at the end of the 90s euro trance craze, I think this is a fine way to end that era.

RATING: 7.5/10



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