Discover the powerful EP 'Faith in Vain' from British hardcore band Rough Justice in our insightful review. Explore their dynamic sound and compelling lyrics in this critical analysis.

Rough Justice - Faith In Vain EP Review

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Rough Justice is living up to their name by delivering some rough, tough, and hard-ass songs on their latest release. They are slangig some hard songs that have a good groovyness to them but know how to bring the hammer of brutality down at the right moments to show you that they are jot fucking around. The entire album has a large and grand feel to it. They have created a huge sound here with their style of heavy hardcore. The one thing that helps propel that sound are the huge riffs. The guitars are tuned low and hit even harder with how big they are playing. Large chunky chugging riffs fill this album ip, and just bring the devastation here. The vocals help make that devastation sound clear and raw with how the vocals match the large energy from the guitars. The drums show off the creativity of this band with how they add a lot of flair to the songs with interesting drum fills and cymbal usage. And during the breakdowns, the drums really help everything sound massive. The bass is the thing that seems to suffer here because, for a good part of the album, it’s hard to hear any bass playing. I felt it should have been mixed in better because it was hard to pick up. The pacing on the album is good, but I felt the last song was an extra song that didn't necessarily need to be added to the album. It doesn't stack up as well when compared to the other tracks on the album.

RATING: 9/10



Faith In Vain

When It Comes

Backwards Mask

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