Explore Moneys' debut EP review, blending alternative-rock and shoegaze vibes reminiscent of 90s icons like Deftones, Smashing Pumpkins, and Far. Perfect for fans seeking a nostalgic yet fresh sound

Money - Money EP Review

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Money better get all the money they deserve after releasing this god tier of an ep. I have never heard a single (fuct) that grabbed my attention sooner or an album sound perfect to me in awhile. Hailing from Oklahoma these boys have been really sticking to to diy grind and have but out a masterpiece in alternative rock. From the down tuned guitars, depressing haunting vocals to the thickest sounding bass I've ever heard. There is not a single moment on this ep that is wasted or any filler. Everything serves a purpose and it just wraps it all up in a nice bow for you. The production sounds perfectly mixed.

RATING: 10/10



Budd Dwyer
Slower Hell

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