Discover Mark Morrison's iconic debut album "Return of the Mack." Explore the British R&B artist's unforgettable hits and timeless melodies. Learn more about his musical journey beyond the chart-topping single.

Mark Morrison - Return Of The Mack Review

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Is it the return of the Mack? This is the debut album from Mark Morrison from back in 1996. Some of the production on this album might not have aged well or, surprisingly, aged well. Overall, the sound of this album falls a little flat behind the major hit return of the mack. A lot of the production does sound really good; however, the vocal performances from Mark and some of the lyrical content are kind of corny. I like it, but it can be a bit corny. It's a pretty fun album when you don't take it too seriously. When Mark isn't doing his return of the mack kind of character and does a pulled-back vocal approach, he can sound really good, like on the track tears for you. It's an amazing track. But when you have tracks like Horny, it just kind of drags down the album and becomes corny. If you like Return of the Mack, you should definitely check this whole album out to get a fuller and better understanding of Mark.

RATING: 5/10


Return Of The Mack

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Tears For You


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