Discover the ferocious thrash metal of San Antonio's Life Cycles in our review of their latest EP, 'Portal to the Unknown.' Perfect for fans of Judiciary, Pantera, and Power Trip, delve into their powerful blend of aggression and intensity.

Life Cycles - Portal TO The Unknown EP Review

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The portal to the unknown has been explored, and it leads you into a world with pantera-level heaviness, power trip intensity, judiciary-like metallic riffs, and realms of death-husky vocals. That is what you are getting on this newest EP from the latest band from San Antonio Lifecycles. This band is very impressive at showing off their influences, because these guys have a little bit of everything from all of Texas's heaviest bands past and present. They got them slow and hard-hitting drums that can do some interesting and tasteful drum fills. Then the tight and fast riffs can give you a run for your money. They are quick, sharp, and cut like a knife. The bass is fully utilized, not wasted, and adds a lot to the songs. The vocals for most of the episode are solid and heavy and match the energy of the other members. The best thing about this episode would be the production. Everything sounds huge and has a nice, crisp crunch to it. Now the only thing that felt a bit off was the interlude track. It felt like something was out of tune or missing from the track. Other than that, I'm excited to see where the lifecycle of lifecycles will go.

RATING: 8.5/10


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