Dive into the latest masterpiece from heavy metal legends Judas Priest with our 'Invincible Shield' album review. Experience their timeless sound and powerful new tracks that define their enduring legacy.

Judas Priest - Invincible Shield Review

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The invincible Jusas Priest is back with their newest album, and they are stronger than ever after being in the game for nearly 40+ years. This British heavy metal band is sounding unstoppable on this album with their fast and pummeling drums, tight and fantastic guitars, and the legend himself showing that even in his old age he can run circles around younger vocalists. The sheer intensity of this album is insane, given their age. The drumming is especially impressive with how consistent and in the pocket he is. He must have robot legs to be able to drum that fast. Then the guitars are still kicking ass and making guitar solos sound sick by not just doing single solos but lots of dueling solos that sound incredible. These guys aren't stopping anytime soon with how tight their riffs are. The bass is slapping away and sounds great. Then Rob himself showed lots of different high-range and low-style vocals. He is the king of vocals and the voice of metal, and it shows here. Even when. he does some weird singing, it still sounds cool. The only thing I could say is that when they slow things down a bit, they sound and feel a bit lackluster. A few tracks feel like what an old Jewish priest might sound like. A bit too slow and uninteresting. But it's still better than a lot of other slow jams from other bands. They have some great production here that really makes them sound amazing. The almighty Judas Pétet is standing . here, invincible, and kicking ass still.

RATING: 8.5/10


 Panic Attack

The Serpent And The King

Invincible Shield

As God Is My Witness

Sons Of Thunder

Giants In The Sky


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