Explore Job for a Cowboy's evolution in their new death metal album 'Moon Healer' with our detailed review. Dive into their dark and intense sound in this critical analysis.

Job For A Cowboy - Moon Healer Review

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The moon will probably not be able to heal me after listening to the newest Job For A Cowboy album. It’s been a long time since these guys have dropped any material and have done an overhaul from their original deathcore sound to straight death metal to this odd generic metal. The album is very uninspiring and lacks passion for most of it. There are some parts here that seem to give some nice stimulation, but overall, nothing fascinating is here. The most impressive thing is the guitar work in terms of how groovy and/or technical it sounds. However, even the best part of this album feels boring and generic most of the time. The songs feel like they were crudely put together, and everyone was okay with releasing them. The vocals seem to be doing okay, and he switches things up with some vocal fries or faster speaking, but most of the time he just sings in the same style. The drumming is heavy and pummels you with its intensity, but at times you feel a bit off when listening to different parts of the songs. Their timing is off for a good portion of the songs. The bass has some depth to it but gets drowned out a lot of the time. One thing that is great here is the production. The songs might be creatively generic, but they at least sound great. 

RATING: 6/10


Etched In Oblivion 

Grinding Wheels Of Ophanim

A Sorrow Filled-Moon

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